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A membership based watercolour workshop group of mostly-retired expatriate resident (or long-standing, often visiting tourists) watercolour artists meeting in a private studio in central Agadir. The particular emphases in our workshop are directed towards learning and practising the foundation principles of abstract and loose watercolour painting. We understand that all watercolour art concerns decisions that are made in connection with the process that flows through the artist. The finished painting is the total result of that creative process. We likely know this already, and it's interesting to consider art in this way...  about the Workshop

About those paints...

Artists' quality watercolour paints such as W&N Professional, Daniel Smith, M. Graham, Blockx and MaimeriBlu are not available in shops in Morocco. If you plan on painting in Morocco, it might be a good idea to make a list in advance and bring everything that you need from your own country (be sure to pack ANY tubes of paint in checked-in luggage or they may be confiscated by Airport Security if found in hand luggage.) We highly recommend Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks  because they are highly pigmented colours, easy to use with great results, produce the equivalent of five half pans from each stick when cut and are all sold at the same price without regard to series number.

Wild Flowers


Pages on this site

DS 2010 Color Chart
(2 pages, pdf, hi-res print quality)

The Informed Palette

Paint-Out Charts

Comparisons of Sepia 
Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks Page 1  Page 2
M. Graham (full series) Page 1  Page 2
MaimeriBlu: 52 colours for a 48 half pan palette (3 page pdf)
Pip Seymour Watercolours 28 full pans
Pip Seymour Vintage Watercolours 36 full pans
Chinese Watercolor Palette Adapted from Regular Watercolors

Colour Mixes:
W&N Perylene Maroon   DS Perylene Maroon
  Holbein Perylene Maroon   MG Maroon Perylene


Langdale Hills

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