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We are a membership based watercolour workshop group of mostly-retired expatriate resident (or long-standing, often visiting tourists) watercolour artists meeting every week in a private studio in central Agadir. The particular emphases in our workshop are directed towards learning and practising the foundation principles of abstract and loose watercolour painting. We understand that all watercolour art concerns decisions that are made in connection with the process that flows through the artist. The finished painting is the total result of that creative process. We know this already, but it's also interesting to consider art in this way...

About the Workshop

We have six places in our workshop - up to ten places during the warmer weather - and communicate together in English and French. Just to say at this juncture that we are not selective by nationality.
There is no annual or monthly membership charge.

Watercolour workshop membership is by invitation only and a place may be offered, after an informal private introductory session and our aftermath consideration, to expatriate adults who display enthusiasm and whose working palette comprises (or will comprise) mostly of Winsor & Newton Professional, Daniel Smith, M. Graham, Kremer pigments, Blockx or MaimeriBlu watercolour paints, along with quality watercolour paper and who agree to The Few Rules (below.) If a person is accepted into our workshop they will receive an email of confirmation.

We have our workshop by invitation only to ensure that people who attend are driven and committed towards being good at their art, use quality paints and paper and are not time wasters who do things on a whim, then later get fed up and drop out because they were maybe looking for something more akin to a social club. And also to enhance the overall experience of all the members of our workshop. So there we have it... we only talk watercolour painting.

The Few Rules (inevitable)
Please read and agree to the following rules before contacting us, thank you

1. Regular workshop participation, completed homework and friendly communications are all essential parts of our watercolour sessions for all members and are agreed to as such by all members as manifested in their continuing presence and activities.
2. Workshop members may not discuss the personal lives of any living person at any time. Seriously. We will never allow our watercolour workshop to develop into a weekly social club where painting takes second place.

3. Minors and/or pets or alcohol are not allowed on the premises at any time.
4. While it is natural that people of the same nationality might feel more aligned with each other, flag waving or (any other kind of) competitiveness amongst members is not allowed. There are no competitions of any kind. We are watercolour family.

5. Mobile phones must be turned off on arrival at a watercolour session for the full duration. As this is a purely creative space where we are able to unwind into our creativity we require our members to arrange their networking commitments for other times so as not to disturb the environment for other members.

Breach of any of the above rules may lead to a member being asked to discuss an issue in private, or even being asked to leave the workshop, depending on the issue involved.

How is works  - a tried and tested method

Being an expatriate based group of people who live in or near Agadir (or visit as tourists for an extended period of time) we are not in a hurry to cram everything into short time slots.

Over the past few years we have accumulated more than eighteen months of solid workshop material so we are not lost on what to do next, generally speaking. New directions sometimes pop up through one of us raising a discussion on technique or subject matter which can then lead to an expansion of source material which is referenced, written up and catalogued for possible future use. Nothing is forgotten. Everything is remembered.

Each week we get together to discuss subject topics and issues, maybe watch a short video, receive our printed hand-outs and set to work as individuals to paint the subject matter for that particular week. We then take our work home with us as homework and finish it during the week to bring back with us the next week for friendly debate, encouragement and admiration.

The workshop is not a teacher-student environment and is thus not a demonstration based activity for people to watch or admire the talent of a teacher - it is an interactive and friendly experience which is aimed to inspire each of us to become better artists through becoming better informed and gaining practical experience in watercolour painting. In effect - we are teaching one another.

The workshop is a non-profit entity. We don't charge for membership and we don't ask for donations for any cause. There is a standard charge of 25 dirhams per session which covers the basic cost of between two to six sides of in-house colour printed 120gsm hand-out material (which otherwise costs 6 dirhams a side at local print agencies) and (20 to 30 minutes) break time refreshments which include a hot or cold drink and biscuits.

Local stationers stock and sell wide Lever Arch ring binders, clear plastic sleeves and subject tab dividers which enable workshop members to keep an ongoing folder of all their workshop sessions - an invaluable future reference file for each member to keep and cherish.

Autumn Afternoon
Christmas 2015

Watercolour Workshop Times 2018
Thursday afternoons, 2pm to 6pm

 Thursday January 11th to Thursday March 1st 2018

Thursday April 19th to Thursday June 14th 2018

Thursday September 6th to Thursday November 22nd 2018

Please be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before the session time to set your space, thank you

Artist Items for sale in Agadir, Morocco

Lancaster, PA

About those paints...

Artists' quality watercolour paints such as W&N Professional, Daniel Smith, M. Graham, Blockx and MaimeriBlu are not available in shops in Morocco. If you plan on painting in Morocco, it might be a good idea to make a list in advance and bring everything that you need from your own country (be sure to pack ANY tubes of paint in checked-in luggage or they may be confiscated by Airport Security if found in hand luggage.) We have an extensive range of professional watercolour paints: M. Graham and Winsor & Newton. Please contact us if you would like to have assistance with your requirements. We highly recommend Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks (review) because they are highly pigmented colours, easy to use with great results, produce the equivalent of five half pans from each stick when cut and are all sold at the same price without regard to series number.

Plein Air Painting

  April through May and October through November
(Active for four months of the year)

The Souk in Agadir
The Beach at Taghazout

On the aforementioned months, we plan to go on a day field trip to locations in and around Agadir. These will include places such as the local Souk al Ahad, Agadir sea-front, Tamraght and Taghazout. These trips are typically from 10am to 5pm and are a good opportunity to take photographs, sketch and/or paint outdoors in a friendly group setting. We also plan on periodically having mid-week visits (when there is less public around) to Taroudant (and other destinations where we can paint the local scenery and also extend our artistic interests together as workshop members.

Wild Flowers


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Art Supplies in Morocco

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