En Plein-Air Pro Traveler Easel

High quality "Plein Air Pro" easel - purchased from the USA

Contents of offer: everything as described on this page:

"Traveler" Easel - 12.25" inches x 15.75" inches, perfect for 1/4 sheets, with extending brush holder and integrated clip to hold a water pot, photo-tripod mounting system and Easel Table Leg - for using easel on a table top.

The Leg screws into the tripod mount and is stored on the back of the easel, held by a strong magnet.

Watch the video on youtube
Easel creator Eric Michaels demonstration

En Plein Air "Traveler" Tripod Shelf
The "Traveler" Tripod Shelf slots directly onto the tripod without any need for clamps or brackets. Measures 15.75" x 10.5" x 1". Made of 1/4" ABS.

The Shelf has a hole for a water cup, ten holes for paint brushes (five on each side) and front clips for waste bag/s.

The shelf height from the ground is 27" when (the included) tripod is fully extended which allows a comfortable seated position so that ones knees are not knocking into the shelf.

Large size collapsible lantern-type water pot

The water pot hang
s from the integrated clip on the right hand side of the easel.

SUNPAK 620-020 Medium duty Tripod with 3-way pan head, 3-section legs and quick-release plate. Fold
ed height: 18.5 inches, Extended height: 49 inches. Silver and black colour. The intersection on this tripod is the correct height to hold the above Palette at seated height (I tried three other tripod brands but the 3 way intersection on those tripods was too low down) but the Palette will fit onto any tripod, (as the Palette has adjustable screws, see the video at 1:20 for description of this procedure) but likely at a lower height that may impede seated use of the easel as ones knees may be in the way.

I bought an additional
SUNPAK 620-020 tripod on eBay from Germany, as the shipping was inexpensive and had no import duty attached to the purchase. I also bought the "Advanced" version of this Plein Air Easel set up which I use when I am in Europe, which is the reason why I am able to sell this "Traveler" set-up.

I didn't buy the Plein Air black bag when I bought my easel, so I later bought this one and am including it in this sale... this is a sturdy, superior item.

Shakespeare Deluxe Rucksack Chair
A strong and comfortable chair for outdoor painting with bag on the front of the chair for easy access and security of contents. Because this is a chair and not a stool, I found it to be very comfortable to use.

The Bag has a large inner space with drawstrings, wide front external bag space and two side pouches. Chair folds up to use as a very useful backpack. The Back fabric easily slides off from the top of the chair and is recommended to be packed inside the bag when used as a backpack.

Cash price for all the above items: 2600 dirhams - a great value-for-money easel combination. (It costs around a shocking US$120 in shipping to send this easel set-up from the USA to Europe.)

This is truly a prestigious easel to own - maybe check out what other artists say about it, just to reaffirm how good it really is.

Terms of Sale: (just to be clear): Fixed price, cash purchase only in dirhams, collection in person, sale is final, no returns.

If you are interested in buying, please email to arrange viewing, purchase and collection in Talborjt, Agadir. Thank you.

Offer is for sale as at Sunday January 28, 2018

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